To operate our business, all we want are excellent and straightforward options. Here are the answers we came up with.

Inventory Control

Keep an eye on your stock, decide when to restock, and keep it current. Your entire operation is made more efficient with the Nera POS system with inventory tracking.

Quick Billing

The driving factor behind any business is the customer experience. Billing and the time spent on billing are critical touchpoints that either improve or degrade the customer experience.

Reward Points System

By offering loyalty points that may be exchanged for heavy discounts on future purchases, you can keep your customers coming back to you.

Barcode Management

Create and print barcode labels with the SKUs, product names, shop names, and dates added. Utilize various barcode scanners and search tools to conveniently keep track of merchandise.

Discounts and Offers

Attract more clients to your retail outlets by offering many discounts and scheme alternatives like as Item Discount, Bill Discount, Combo Offers, and so on.

Management of Many Stores

Nera POS System allows merchants to easily manage multiple shop POS. With simplicity, scale your business with inventory, eCommerce, reporting, and more.

Suitable for Businesses

Fashion Stores


Super Markets

Fancy Shops

Hardware Stores

Furniture Showrooms



Footwear Shops

Jewelry Shops

Vehicle Showrooms

Book Shops

Mobile Shops

Retail Shops